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Yearly renewable membership each January (only $500.00), entitles club members to the semi guided 6 day elk hunting camp for only $600.00 each. A $1,100.00 ELK HUNT
Club membership also gives a 50% discount on retail priced 5 day fully guided Black Bear hunts, 5 day fully guided Mountain Lion hunts. And 50% off a 5 day fully guided trophy special draw tag Shiras Moose, Big Horn Sheep or Mountain Goat hunt. Lodging and food separate.
PLEASE FILL OUT Enclosed Reservation Application, include membership dues, and mail TO: PO Box 1167, Victor Mt., 59875

Great fair chase success, many trophies, and I have guided clients since 1974 here in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. We work hard for you!

Rick Wemple’s Unbelievabalistic Elk Hunting Club is unique, offering a drive to wall tent camp, located in the Bitterroot Valley, on State owned land in the heart of the Bitterroot National Forest of western Montana. The camp is set up in the North Fork of Rye Creek, hunting area 270. Only a 45 minute drive from Darby Montana, a small town on hwy 93, 35 miles north of the Idaho border, and 65 miles south of Missoula. 4 wheel drive trucks are needed. Camp elevation is 5840 feet. The camp has cook stove, BBQ, heaters, latrine, cooking equipment, cots, coolers, gas & propane, gas lanterns, 1st aid, wood, and a licensed guide with his own vehicle. Hunters supply their own food and personal gear including sleeping bags and toiletries. Hunters can hunt straight out of camp on foot, or use guide to get dropped off, or use guide for all day. Radios and GPS units are very helpful. Maps can be purchased for the area and studied, the guide knows the mountain roads and area, and is able to help plan out hunts for hunters, retrieve game and help with the camp. Showers may be arranged in Darby if needed.


Payment Information
* I accept personal checks, major credit cards, cash, travelers checks or money orders, 3% added
  for credit card payments.
* Deposits must accompany your reservation.
* Final Payment required 30 days prior to the hunt starting date.
* Montana hunt prices are subject to a 7% tax

** If you cancel your regular scheduled hunt, I will transfer your deposit to next year IF another replacement hunter is found and all fees are paid, otherwise, all deposits are non-refundable. Antelope, Moose, Sheep, Goat and Lion hunt deposits (drawing ) will be transferred to next year or applied to a different hunt, if not successful in drawing.


Plan on arriving in the afternoon the day prior to the date your hunt is scheduled. If you plan to arrive any earlier, you will have to make arrangements to stay in a motel in either Missoula or Hamilton, Mt. Those of you flying in to the airport transportation will be provided.


Most of the country has had forest fire, from back in 2000. The mountain forest roads let you cover a lot of country, and between the roads there is a lot of elk movement. Good optics and a gun able to shoot 300 yards at least are recommended.

Every year, you as a club member can apply for the nonresident elk tag, or the combo elk and deer tag license. You will validate your elk tag for the area camp is in, 270-40, and have a chance to draw a 270-50 mule deer tag if you apply. Your deer tag is always good for a buck or doe whitetail deer. Your deer tag can also be validated for area 240-40 which always allows you to hunt mule deer until Nov. 15 approx., each year. The area also has black bear and wolves, which the tags you can get over the counter. The area also has trophy quality moose, sheep and mountain lion if you wish to apply for those tags which are on a drawing. Every year you apply, and purchase the bonus points, you increase the chances to get the Sheep and Moose. Mountain Lion has a pretty good chance after a year or two, and the 270-50 Mule deer is about the same as Sheep or moose. A Cow Elk tag instead of a bull tag is also available, if you like, for first time hunters.. and Youth hunters 12-15 years of age can always shoot either sex ELK in the area with a general tag.

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